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About Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise

The Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise was established with a deep understanding of the challenges in connecting resources to assist underprivileged children, women, and marginalized communities in Vietnam.

We implement healthcare and education initiatives to bring significant value to the community, creating opportunities for everyone to participate in supporting underprivileged individuals across Vietnam, contributing to a more developed and resilient nation.

Our Orientation

The Vietnam Children's Fund Social Enterprise encourages investment partners to support individuals facing difficulties through:

  • Sustainable healthcare and community health solutions
  • Opportunities to access education for ethnic minority female students
  • Practical initiatives for environmental protection and energy conservation

These activities aim to improve the lives of children, women and vulnerable communities in Vietnam.

Our Vision

Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise strives to become a leading social enterprise in Vietnam, offering customers and partners numerous diverse investment opportunities in sustainable solutions for healthcare, community health, the environment and education to address social challenges.

By enhancing the quality of life and livelihoods for people, Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise, along with its partners, carries out the corporate social responsibility work in a practical, effective, and impactful manner.

Our Values


Every project closely adheres to the goals and mission of the social enterprise Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise.


We aim to build a robust Vietnam through the joint contribution of each individual.


We provide optimal support and give the marginalized communities in Vietnam the necessary assistance, both financially and mentally.


We reach out to remote and hard-to-reach communities, assisting disadvantaged individuals through the implementation of Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise projects.


Our projects promote creativity in order to deliver the most practical values and impact to the community.

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