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Essential Support Programs


    Clean Water and Environmental Impact

    Climate change, several environmental issues, especially water pollution, and other factors are making it impossible for many rural populations in Vietnam to obtain and use clean water sources. The lack of clean water for daily use has caused many effects on the development of children as well as health of those living in the area. Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise aspires to promote a sanitary and safe environment for all children in the country, allowing them to study and grow in peace.


    Supporting Pediatric Cancer Patients

    Join Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise in bringing hope and joy to the brave young fighters tirelessly fighting cancer. The program aims to create a nurturing and loving environment where they can feel the care and companionship from society.


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    Healthcare Program

    The journey of implementing healthcare activities, supporting medical care for community health.

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    Education Programs

    The journey of enlightening knowledge, creating opportunities for ethnic minority female students in remote areas to access education.

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