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Clean Water and Environmental Impact

Water scarcity continues to be a major issue affecting children's health and development in Vietnam, particularly in remote places with limited infrastructure and severe natural circumstances. Residents in rural Vietnam get their water mostly from rivers, streams, wells, or rains, with only minimum treatment that does not satisfy safety standards. Many people continue to drink and cook straight from natural water sources in various regions. Untreated natural water, on the other hand, frequently contains pollutants, leaves, mud, and microbes as a result of animal grazing and farming practices near residential areas, as well as chemical residues from agricultural activities.

Meanwhile, clean water, environmental sanitation, and personal hygiene are critical factors in boosting community health, workforce development, and fostering Vietnam's growth. With the goal of protecting the health of children and people in underprivileged communities, The Water and Environment program of Vietnam Children's Fund Social Enterprise (VCF SE) aims to implement sustainable solutions for clean water, such as well drilling and installing water filtration systems for hospitals and schools.

Through the program, we strive to enhance the quality of life for the most vulnerable individuals, including children, women, the elderly, and the sick. The community’s general health is safeguarded by having access to clean water for eating, bathing, and everyday hygiene. This helps avoid skin conditions and waterborne infections like scabies, ringworm, typhoid, E. Coli, diarrhea, and more.

Water filtration systems installed by VCF SE have improved people’s lives and health since implementation. They have helped rural areas develop sustainably and improved educational outcomes by providing safe drinking water for patients, students, and surrounding communities.

Our Achievements

Inspiring stories

Providing a fresh start for newborns with jaundice in Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province

In mid-September 2023, the Obstetrics Department of Dien Bien Dong District Medical Center successfully saved the life of a precious little baby from the Thai ethnic group, named Bao Uyen....

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 08/01/2024

Thoai Tea Milk Tea Brand supports disadvantaged children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

To help the community, particularly disadvantaged children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, THOAI TEA – the milk tea brand with its special formula in Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province...

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 13/12/2023

Providing essential neonatal medical equipment and distributing mid-autumn gifts to children in Khanh Vinh District, Khanh Hoa Province

On September 29, 2023, Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise and partners and sponsors presented five essential medical devices to Khanh Vinh District Medical Center, Khanh Hoa Province, with a total...

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 13/12/2023

More than 10,000 disadvantaged children in Quang Ngai and Tra Vinh have received free screening for congenital heart defects

The dedicated team from Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise, our partners is always prepared to travel through remote roads and climb steep hills, regardless of the weather, to reach children...

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 13/12/2023

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