In mid-September 2023, the Obstetrics Department of Dien Bien Dong District Medical Center successfully saved the life of a precious little baby from the Thai ethnic group, named Bao Uyen. At just 15 years old and lacking knowledge about pregnancy, the young mother, with her delicate body, was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition. To protect the lives of both the mother and the baby, the doctors on duty immediately performed a C-section right at the district health center, and little Bao Uyen entered the world with a feeble cry, weighing only 2.5 kilograms. Immediately after being born, the baby girl started exhibiting signs of jaundice, a condition that, if not promptly treated, can result in death or have long-lasting consequences.

If previously, severe cases like Bao Uyen required an additional long journey to be transferred to a higher-level hospital, now, with the efforts of the medical team and the assistance of the phototherapy lamp provided by Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise in January 2023, the little girl triumphed over five days of intensive treatment, regaining her healthy and rosy complexion. She was discharged from the hospital and joyfully reunited with her loving family. Born in a challenging mountainous region with limited transportation, Bao Uyen is among the fortunate children who received timely medical care, thanks to the essential neonatal equipment provided by Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise for rural medical centers.

Dien Bien Dong District, as one of the 74 poorest districts in the country, faces a high infant mortality rate. The lack of timely medical intervention, due to limited healthcare equipment and neonatal care capacity, results in 100 out of every 1,000 births in the district ending in infant mortality. With a majority of the population belonging to ethnic minority communities, the region experiences a concerning prevalence of early marriage, adolescent pregnancy, and childbirth, posing significant risks to the health of both mothers and unborn babies. To preserve the lives of the newborns in this area, Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise has sponsored neonatal care equipment for the Dien Bien Dong District Medical Center, bringing treatment opportunities closer to these infants.

Witnessing the recovery of newborns like Bao Uyen from their neonatal challenges is our biggest happiness. Join us in our efforts to ensure a brighter future for these little ones!