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Congenital Heart Defects Screening

Congenital heart defects (CHD) is one of the most common birth defects and a leading cause of mortality among newborns and children in general. If detected early and treated promptly, the chances of recovery are significantly high. Children with CHD who are born and raised in remote areas, on the other hand, confront numerous diagnostic and treatment obstacles. Many children cannot be diagnosed quickly due to lack of resources, challenging travel conditions, and distance from major medical centers. In many situations, when a child's heart defect is detected, it is severe, resulting in numerous dangerous complications.

With the aim of detecting all poor children with congenital heart defects as soon as possible and providing them with the opportunity to have surgery through the free heart surgery program, the Vietnam Children's Fund Social Enterprise (VCF SE) has worked with sponsors, authorities, and hospital partners to deploy free heart screenings for poor children in the past.

VCF SE and partners have arranged mobile clinics in remote areas to meet with young children and examine their cardiac health.

The children are undergoing auscultation and echocardiograms throughout each test to look for abnormal signals. Cases indicated for surgery but lacking financial resources are helped through the application for free heart surgery program, ensuring timely surgical intervention.

Through these meaningful activities, VCF SE has supported numerous children receiving diagnoses, examinations and treatments for CHD. Early screening and detection of heart defects not only ensures that these children have a healthy heart and normal childhood, but also helps alleviate hardships in their families.

Our Achievements

Inspiring stories

Providing a fresh start for newborns with jaundice in Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province

In mid-September 2023, the Obstetrics Department of Dien Bien Dong District Medical Center successfully saved the life of a precious little baby from the Thai ethnic group, named Bao Uyen....

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 08/01/2024

Implementing Health examination and treatment for disadvantaged children in Ho Chi Minh City

On November 18 and 19, Vietnam Children’s Fund Social Enterprise (VCF SE) collaborated with partners, localities, hospitals, departments, and sponsors to implement a free health examination for over 1,000 underprivileged...

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 12/12/2023

Hand over essential neonatal care equipment to Muong Cha District Medical Center

Thanks to the MoMo Piggy Bank’s sponsorship, on October 18, Vietnam Children’s Fund’s Social Enterprise donated eight pieces of essential neonatal care equipment to the Muong Cha District Medical Center...

Vietnam Children’s Fund • 12/12/2023

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